Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paranormal Challenge - La Purisima Mission

   Hmmmm...where to start? After watching a few episodes I decided that it just wasn't for me. I didn't particularly care for the setup of the show or most of the teams. I also decided not to write a review on it...just because it wasn't for me I didn't feel the need to pan the show or Mr.Bagans. However, after the La Purisima Mission challenge I feel the need to write something.

   I must first start with what really set me off the most. One member of the guy's team while in the Chumash village area began taunting the Indians, of all people, in what can only be described as F- worthy high school Spanish. I can't quote what he said due to not only the lack of subtitles & the constant cutting away to Zak's & the judge's commentary on what he was saying but also the little bit of what he was saying that they repeated upset me so much I had to turn the channel before I through my remote at my television. It was incredibly & utterly disrespectful. The Chumash were the ones that were mistreated & so many killed from disease that was brought to them by the Spanish. While I am part Native American you don't need to be to be appalled by their total lack of respect & basic human compassion. Also, the facted that this was not brought to that teams attention later really bothered me.

   I did manage to turn it back & finish watching the show although I'm not entirely sure that was a good thing. Sadly the respect I had for Zak has been tarnished by this episode. In a location where so many Innocent people suffered & died there was very little care taken or respect shown. From opening the challenge with a member of the women's team burping the shows name to Zak making fun of one of the guy's coat & Zak's seemingly "blah. I'm over this episode" attitude at the end.

   While I have a problem with these types of shows turning the study & research of the paranormal into a "game show" of sorts, due to my respect for Zak Bagans I tried to give this show a chance but this "challenge" just gave me a hard shove over the edge. I hope it won't effect my ability to watch Ghost Adventures with the new episodes just around the corner but even watching the reruns of Ghost Adventures after Paranormal Challenge I could see it somewhat already has been.

   I know that if anyone reads this post I will most likely catch hell from Zak's fans, I don't care. Like I said, I never intended on writing anything about the show but after last night I had to. I won't go into my feelings on the teams...that would just make this unnecessarily long & off point.

   These are just my personal thoughts & feelings. If anyone who reads this doesn't agree with this that is fine & I don't mind a rational adult debate or conversation but if you'd rather just send irate & belligerent comments please get over it, grow up & move on.

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  1. You know....I came to this site because I was so appalled by the 'La Purisma' episode of Paranormal Challenge that I wanted to see how many people agreed with me. Unfortunately, I didn't come across a lot of reviews, so let me leave my own here.

    First, let's start with Zak, who I never really cared for in the Ghost Adventures show, because of how many times he became "taken over" by a spirit. I started watching paranormal challenge giving him the benefit of the doubt, because I understand that TV is TV and he could very well be a professional and legitimate investigator when the cameras are not rolling. However, he has not impressed me so far in this show either. But let's move on.

    From previous episodes I know that I have to expect the bar to be set pretty low for the teams that participate in this challenge. I expect them to only have a rudimentary understand of the equipment, to mistake everything moving and making noise for paranormal activity and to only have the most basic training and experience with the paranormal. However, this group could have played limbo with the bar that was already set by the past episodes. They were the most disgusting, juvenile and moronic group of people that I have ever met.

    Let's start with the guys. First, who calls their group the "Ghost Bros" if they want to be taken seriously. Is it a paranormal investigation group, conducting scientific research and helping terrified people who are actually being haunted, or some kind of fraternity? Second, when he introduced the second investigator, I couldn't believe it when he said (paraphrase) 'he gets scared, so I like to put him in situations where he'll crap his pants.' Finally, the tech manager, who apparently is the only one with a brain. According to the "lead" investigator, he is the only one who debunks stuff and doesn't think everything is a ghost. Um...shouldn't that be like ALL of you?

    The girls. Good Lord, where do I start. The phrase that I'll never forget until my dying day is when the girl "lead" investigator said that the "tech manager" had never been on an investigation, or even had a personal experience. Wait, so you gave what is arguably the most difficult job of any paranormal investigation group to the one member of your group who has absolutely no experience. Wow. Are you kidding me? Second, the burping was simply disgusting and just for the record, none of the "hot" girls were actually hot.

    This was simply the worst episode of paranormal challenge I have ever seen. I have a lot of respect for Dave Schrader, but I wish he wouldn't associate himself with this moronic excuse for a paranormal reality show. I made it through 10 minutes, 13 seconds of this episode, and I will never watch another episode ever again.